Country Reports

Country Report

The Country Reports formally thematic overviews (TOs) describe the main features of the respective VET systems and comprise all themes.

The following "VET in Europe-Country Reports" from 2014 can be downloaded.

The 2013 "VET in Europe-Country Reports" are available.

The other available "VET in Europe - Country Reports 2012" can also be downloaded.

 The "VET in Europe - Country Reports 2011" of the ReferNet Networkpartners can be downloaded as pdf-files.

Previous Country Reports (Thematic overviews ) can be downloaded at the VET-Bib database on the Cedefop-Homepage.

A compact and comprehensive overview also offers the brochure "Spotlight on VET". Here the system of vocational education and training in each country, including its special features is presented clearly and concisely.

ReferNet Germany publishes a separate brochure "Spotlight on VET Germany". The brochure describes shortly the dual system of vocational education and training in Germany, its features and attractiveness. Current and future challenges are discussed and essential data on the situation is illustrated.

The publication is available in English, German, French and Spanish.

Articles on specific topics represent a new form of analysis reports. The articles are published twice a year and describe the development, implementation and background regarding the topic.

For Germany articles on the following topics are published:

The short descriptions of the VET systems in the EU Member States are produced for the countries holding the EU-Council presidency by the ReferNet team of the respective country in cooperation with CEDEFOP. They give a brief overview of the national education system with a focus on political aspects for VET.

Furthermore the detailed thematic analyses give a more precise description of a VET theme for each country. Most information is collected from the national ReferNet teams. For some specific themes (e.g. guidance and counselling) other VET experts have been contracted by CEDEFOP.

For Germany the following thematic analyses are available:

Download thematic analysis "Training VET teachers and trainers"Download des Analyseberichtes zum Thema "Skills and competence development and innovative pedagogy"Download thematic analysis "Accumulating, transferring and validating learning"Download thematic analysis "Guidance and counselling for learning, career and development"

The thematic analyses of other member states can be downloaded on the Cedefop Website.