Short films on VET

Selection of videos on VET in Germany and Europe

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Spanish VET system in 2’30”

The new ReferNet Spotlight is the basis for an animated video produced on the occasion of Spain's Presidency of the Council of the European Union. It focuses on the main features of the Spanish VET system as well as the challenges and policy responses.

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Four new VET standards

Germany‘s in-company training is structured according to nationwide standards. They are anchored in the training regulations by law. They are occupation-specific and are based on real work processes. Four new themes have now been introduced to supplement all current training regulations: (1) Digitised Working World (2) Environment and Sustainability (3) Safety and Health at the Workplace (4) Company, VET, Labour and Tarif Law. Watch this short explanatory BIBB video!

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Jacqueline’s success story

Jacqueline Tanzer, Worldskills Champions Trust, Austria, explains how she developed her skills and set up her own business at Cedefop's conference 'Mind the gaps: skills and learning in a changing world of work' in October 2023, Brussels.

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Sarah’s dream

Sarah, from Germany, tells how she took an apprenticeship as a carpenter to build tiny houses for the homeless.

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