Short films on VET

Selection of videos on VET in Germany and Europe

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Short films on VET

German VET system in 2’30”
This animated video is based on the new ReferNet Spotlight brochure. It gives an overview of the state of play of Germany’s education and training system, its distinctive features, the particular challenges the country faces and the policy responses it has been developing.

VET in the next decade
In the context of post-2020 European policy framework on VET and the conference ‘Enhancing European cooperation in VET: looking back – planning ahead’, Cedefop produced a short video illustrating the increasing role of VET in a changing world.

VET system in Croatia
VET plays a prominent role in Croatia. Overall responsibility for VET lies with the Ministry of Science and Education supported by the Agency for VET and Adult Education (ASOO). This animated video was produced by Cedefop and ReferNet Croatia.