ReferNet is a European network initiated by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop). It aims to meet the growing demand for comparable information on policies and developments in the area of vocational education and training (VET) in the European Union.

VET experts work together in the national ReferNet teams of the 28 EU member states plus Norway and Iceland. The ReferNet coordinator in Germany is the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB). Have a look at our ReferNet flyer (update 2017)!

"Spotlight on VET Germany" summarises the features, challenges and developments of the German VET system. The brochure can be downloaded in English, German, Spanish and French.


24-Apr-17: VET News - April 2017

The information service "VET news international" (ReferNet Germany) compiles publications and links with current developments on European VET.

VET News International Nr. 18-2017

VET News International Nr. 17-2017

VET News International Nr. 16-2017

VET News International Nr. 15-2017

VET News International Nr. 14-2017

15-Nov-16: ReferNet Annual Plenary Meeting

Over 65 members and national representatives from 29 countries discussed the latest VET policy developments, prepared the 2017 work plan and shared experiences related to validation of the network's deliverables.

2-Nov-16: The EU and jobs, growth and investment



Brochure to download
"THE EU AND" series, EU Commission, Oct. 2016

3-Jun-16: Mobility Scoreboard

The IVET mobility scoreboard is a tool for monitoring developments in IVET mobility policies and for assisting policy-making in international learning mobility. It  provides detailed country information on the conditions for IVET learner mobility in Europe in 10 key action areas.

Have a look at the Cedefop website for more information!

4-Mai-16: Apprenticeship systems

The discussion paper "Approaching apprenticeship systems from a European perspective" gives a general overview of the basic aspects of an apprenticeship system and describes some trends as to the establishment and development of apprenticeship systems with examples from EU countries.

Discussion paper on apprenticeship systems