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ReferNet bietet eine Auswahl aktueller Meldungen zu Entwicklungen in der Berufsbildung in Deutschland und Europa an.

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Aktuelle Meldungen

VET News International

Der ReferNet Deutschland Informationsdienst "VET News International" bietet zweimal im Monat einen Überblick über die neuesten Publikationen und Links.

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National News on VET

Diese Kurzmeldungen aus den ReferNet-Ländern informieren über aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Berufsbildung sowie in den Bereichen Beschäftigung und Arbeitsmarkt (Cedefop Webseite).

Hier eine Auswahl von "National News on VET" aus Deutschland:

The National Skills Strategy, launched in June 2019, responds to the changing world of work by promoting a new training culture, which sees occupational CVET as a lifelong necessity. Two years later, an implementation report looks into the measures taken so far. What has been accomplished? What comes next? weiterlesen

Seek and you shall find. While easily said, the search for a suitable continuing professional training programme is still difficult. What tools can make a change to find a perfect fit in a huge and heterogeneous continuing education market? The INVITE innovation competition aims to find answers to this question, with the help of artificial intelligence. weiterlesen

In 2020 the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) celebrates its 50th anniversary. The institute stands for the partnership in vocational education and training (VET) between the state and the business community that shapes the system in Germany. weiterlesen

Various actions have been launched in Germany to keep the vocational education and training system stable. Securing the remuneration of apprentices, organising learning and examinations according to safety regulations, and supporting companies that offer apprenticeship places are at the core of the activities. weiterlesen

The qualification initiative Digital Change Q 4.0 (Digitaler Wandel Q 4.0) aims to support and qualify teachers and trainers. It focuses on the development of specific qualification programmes primarily for in-company trainers, but also for VET school teachers and experts involved in apprenticeship examination. weiterlesen


BIBBaktuell ist der monatliche Newsletter des BIBB mit aktuellen Informationen zu Fragen der Berufsbildung. weiterlesen